Research and Publication Ethics

High-quality scientific publication and public trust in scientific information require ethical standards and the editors of RDP journals ensuring with reviewers’ assistance to provide standard and quality research and scientific knowledge to their readers and scholar community.

Assessment of Article

An evaluation of article submitted to RDP journals is based on the reviewers’ comments and editor’s observation. Editors consider only those articles which fulfill the basic criteria of journals publication policy. It reduces the burden on reviewers who perform and provide assistance voluntarily and improve the efficiency of reviewing process. Dedicated editorial team of RDP journal work hard to ensure the high-quality manuscript selection for review process. The identity of the reviewers, during and on accomplishment the review process, remains anonymous no matter manuscript is accepted or rejected.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest occurs when matters external research may significantly affect the individuality of the work or its evaluation. To monitor the conflict of interest doesn’t confine the publication of research work, rather it supports to provide high-quality research if found and is declared. Conflict of interest maybe related to affiliation, financial, ideological, personal, academic or intellectual property. Submitting author is responsible for co-author(s) to explain the conflict of interest if they have otherwise, they should write the sentence “authors declare no conflict of interest”; If any then editor of the journal and reviewer should take care about it.

Article evaluation is based on the comments of reviewers; therefore, it is reviewers’ obligation that if they found and conflict between authors and themselves, they should immediately notify to the editor of journal and should not accept the review invitation to avoid the negative or positive prejudice on the research work. In addition, the acceptance of the article is also based on the observation of the editor, so editorial board of the journal including Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Guest Editor and members should take responsibility to provide the smooth and without conflict support for editorial process.


Plagiarism is not allowed by the RDP journals. Authors are strictly forbidden to use the text, image, idea or data without acknowledgement and original source must be informed clearly and cited it explicitly if it is necessary to use text from other source however is limited. If plagiarism is found, manuscript will be rejected before the publication even it is accepted. If the paper is published already and complained received, article may need rectification or retraction and authors may face sanctions.

Data Fabrication and Falsification and Citation Manipulation

Fabrication and falsification of data or results is a professional crime and any article found having such data will not be accepted and will be retracted any time if published. Further, image should be provided originally and no be manipulated nor adjusted which could lead to misinterpretation of the information or results. Cited articles should be as per requirement of the manuscript and not intensification the citations only for any non-scientific reason. Editors and reviewers should not ask to cite specific manuscripts to increase the citation score of their own or any specific journal, however, required and relevant articles maybe suggested or recommended to refer for the discussion improvement and perfection.

Duplication Submission and Redundant Publication

RDP journals accept only original content, which means manuscripts submitted to RDP journals for publication should not be previously published in any language including English. Manuscripts submitted to RDP journals must not be submitted elsewhere for publication if submitted must be withdrawn before being submission. Authors are responsible to take care about it and articles found submitted more than one journals simultaneously may suffer sanctions. Authors cannot use the data and figures or substantial amounts of wording from published their own manuscript while they can produce figure after getting permission from all co-authors who have copy rights. Manuscript may be retracted if found data duplication after published.

Authorship and acknowledgement

Authorship of the manuscript is crucial and only those authors should be included who have substantial contribution to the research work. Authors should explain and describe the contribution of each author at the submission time. Authorship will not change after acceptance the manuscript however can be changed after get written consent from all co-authors including removed one if any. Those who made contribution in the research but not qualify to authorship can be acknowledged in the acknowledgement. One author should be mentioned as corresponding author for corresponding regarding editorial process.

Human Subjects Related Research

If the manuscript involved human related subjects, for instance, human tissues, human material or human data, author must give statement that they got approval from Institutional Review Board (IRB) or approved by any other ethics committee before conducting the research work. Author should inform the participants, if the research conducted through survey, questionnaire, or using the social media, that what is the purpose of this research and how data will be used and provided by participants prior to the research work done. Author should get exemption certificate from the local or national ethic committee where the research work or data collected that no this ethical approval required.


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